Crossing borders

Kenya-Tanzania border

Borders are unique places, separating two countries, two nations, two lands.. Leaving Kenya, entering Tanzania!

Borders. Built by man, for man. Deciding who and what shall or shall not pass (Geek side note: see Gandalf, standing straight on the Bridge of Khazad-Dûm, facing the Balrog).

Some borders, you cross and don’t realize at all anymore- lucky Europeans! Others are challenging, and others or just there. You know its there, because there is a sign telling you it’s there. You know it’s there because there are immigration offices. You know it’s there because it’s busy. you know it’s there because it’s messy. You know it’s there because there is traffic… all kind of traffic.

Well, tip of the day: when crossing the border between Kenya and Tanzania, just cross the border, don’t try to get into any business there. Borders, unless what people think, are not made for business. Business happens on one side or the other, not on the line. Things that are dealt with ‘on the line’, ‘sur le fil’, will always be at your own risk.

I have seen this naive woman, thinking it was a good idea to exchange money with people that just gathered around her, ‘on the line’. Wrong. Ten minutes later, she was standing next to me, astonished to be the (un)lucky new owner of a fake 100$ bill…

African lesson 1: don’t just stand there and wait to be robbed.





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